Thursday, July 17, 2008


Is it that time already? Arrived to clear blue sky in Vermont today feeling like I haven't run much the past couple weeks (probably because I haven't) and that I'm at least five pounds heavier then I was going in to Western States. Since California my mileage has been in the 25/week range, partly due to the fact I was trying to let my legs recover from all the downhill I ran and partly because I had a busy few weeks of "fathering". Oh yeah, I began commuting to work riding my bike, more to save on gas then for the exercise, however the added cross training certainly is a nice benefit.

Packed drop bags today and thought through my plan for Saturday. I'm on my own for this one as Karen stayed in Topeka to be Mom. The forecast for Saturday is HOT, near 90 degrees with rain throughout the day and night, oh well, no smoke:) My plan is to try to run hard until it gets hot, then pull back on the pace until evening when it begins to cool down. Would like to finish in under 24 hours and get the buckle. Those who finish between 24 and 30 hours get a plaque and the opportunity to move on to Leadville with their Grand Slam hopes still alive.

In closing I just want to congratulate Paul Schoenlaub on his finish at last weekends Hardrock 100. This is the toughest race in the US and once again Paul goes from St Joseph, MO to the top of the Rockies and runsa great race. Way to go Paul!

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