Friday, July 18, 2008


Uh, how did I miss that? Discovered today at check-in that there is a 100 mile horse race that runs simultaneously and on the same trail as the run!?

Other then that little surprise, check-in was pretty uneventful. Got my T-Shirt (kinda ugly but hey it's a Patagonia), weighed in (found out I didn't gain as much as I thought) and dropped off my drop bags. At the pre race meeting they informed us that the forecast for tomorrow includes record high temperatures. Just about that time a big thunderstorm rolled through just to add a little extra shot of humidity. On returning to town to grab a steak (my night before meal of choice) I learned that the storm had knocked out the town's power and that dinner was on hold, could it get any better? Well it did. Power was soon back on and I had a great steak and a nice glass of wine at Spooner's Bar and Grill in Woodstock. Well it's off to bed as I have a 1:50 wake up call for the 4:00 start. I look forward to finally taking my first steps in the 2008 Grand Slam.

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