Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little hang time

As the disappointment of the race being canceled, our energies turned to trying to enjoy this time we (Karen and I) had been given. It has been a long time since just the two of us had gotten away so this was an unexpected an badly needed gift. Saturday began not at 3:00 AM as we had planned but instead more like 9:00. Yes race cancellations do have their upside. After coffee at our new favorite coffee and juice stop, Mountain Nectar, I went for a run while KB took a walk over to the nearby Squaw Valley Resort where she was greeted by a very different crowd then the one staying over in the village. While Karen was walking amongst the rich and famous I headed back up Emigrant Pass. On Friday they asked us to keep off the trail beyond that point so I decided to explore. Heading back down the main access road I jumped off and explored some of the other service roads that took me up to to the top of some of the other peaks that encircle Squaw Valley. Once back down at the bottom, quads throbbing, I decided I better get in some real running so headed out on a nearby bike trail that meandered along the Truckee River towards Lake Tahoe. Although the run was absolutely beautiful at times my mind would wander to wear I would be if we were actually racing that day. Robinson Flat, Devils Thumb, Michigan Bluff all places that would have to live in my mind for another year.

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