Monday, June 30, 2008

Race Therapy

Earlier in the weekend we heard about a local 20 Mile trail race to be held on Sunday. The race, The Burton Creek Trail Run was put on by the BIG BLUE ADVENTURE SERIES and held just north of Tahoe City. So at about the time I thought I would be finishing one race, I instead toed the line (with a number of other Western States runners) for another race. There is something about running with intention that is therapeutic and therefor this was just what the doctor ordered. Despite a pair of unhappy quads, I was able to get myself moving thanks to a pair of SKINS COMPRESSION SHORTS which held my quads in check and my MONTRAIL STREAKS which always make me feel fast. The course was beautiful, forest, meadow, single track...perfect. I ran the race in 3:37:56 (a 10:54 pace for the 20miles) which is good for me but surprising me due to how sore my legs were from all the miles on Saturday. Despite the disappointment over the cancellation of Western States, the weekend produced some quality mileage (55) and some good hill work (20,000 feet of elevation change) capped off with the 20 mile Burton Creek run. Hopefully this will position me to be in good shape for Vermont, now just three weeks away.

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