Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wasatch Front 100

Congratulations to Stan Ferguson and the other four Slammers who made it through Wasatch and onto the finale in Arkansas with their Grand Slam hopes still alive.

This was a tough week. I had hoped all year to be in Utah on this day, but with Grand Slam hopes dashed in the mountains of Colorado I decided to save some money and stay at home. I still plan on running Arkansas as it's close enough that we can drive there in less then a day and get a hotel for under $70. I also look forward to cheering on those few who complete their Slam. It will have been a long journey for them. From the fires and cancellation of Western States to the extreme heat and humidity of Vermont, then onto the winter like conditions in Leadville and the rugged terrain of Wasatch, before finally finishing on the rocky trails of Arkansas. There will be no shame in finishing this year's Grand Slam, asterisk or not.

As for next year we will have to wait and see, however with the automatic entry into Western States along with my inability to stay away from Leadville, it is very likely we will try this thing again in 2009. I mean, could it possibly be any worse?

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