Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cold Front Coming

As you can see it's been a beautiful week here in Leadville and with just two days before the start of the Trail 100 our warm temperatures and blue skys are about to leave us. The latest forecast from the NWS calls for daytime temperatures falling into the high 40's by Saturday and overnight lows below freezing. Oh yeah, it's supposed to rain all day and throughout the night, oh boy!

With less then two days to go the mood at the hostel is antsy as everyone is ready to go. Most folks will work on putting together their drop bags (which will require some extra thought due to the weather forecast) today before the big pasta dinner this evening. With registration for the race up from last year at around 580 runners, the newly remodeled 6th St should be packed.

I plan on heading into Dillon for a movie with Zach and Molly today to get my mind off the race. Hopefully the Mummy will be a nice distraction.

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